Imagine PoolsSo you are ready to have a perfect backyard oasis. Fun in the sun with your family and friends. Sounds great, doesn't it? You bet it does. Well here is some information with useful advice on shopping for a pool, and information on the benefits of pool ownership.

A swimming pool is an engineering feat in many ways. Able to support the weight of hundreds of gallons of water while withstanding the onslaught of sun, chemicals, earthquakes and more, a swimming pool can be as difficult to design and build as any home—perhaps more so.

Yet, if built properly, a pool can last for decades with little more than routine maintenance. The sturdy materials that make up the supporting structure, smooth surface and decorative finishes of tile (at the water line) and coping (the "lip" of the pool's edge) are rugged enough to keep standing long after the popular style in pool design changes.

But if a pool is poorly constructed, it can be a headache of repeated repairs and lost swimming time. That's why hiring the right person to build your pool is so important. It's the best way to ensure you'll receive a quality design and careful construction at a fair cost.

We here at Imagine use only the best quality materials and equipment so your pool never has problems for years to come. We thrive on quality, not quantity.

Above Ground Pools

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For Health and Relaxation

  • One of the best forms of exercise . . . just within reach!
  • Stress reduction in the comfort and intimacy of your own home
  • A refreshing oasis for those hot summer days

Family Fun

  • An instant vacation getaway . . . without leaving the house
  • Brings your family closer together
  • Refuge for your children, allowing them to:
  • Expend some of their energy
  • Have a good time with friends
  • Develop good water safety habits

Beter Quality of Life

  • Your pool...
  • is a clean, refreshing and inviting space
  • enhances your home's appearance
  • is the focus of your outdoor entertaining and activities

In Ground Pools

In Ground PoolsClick for more information

An architectural masterpiece, enhancing the style of your pool with elegantly proportioned decks, retaining walls and fencing?

Or would you prefer a flowing free-form design, surrounded by intimate natural landscaping?

Let your imagination fly.

The Classic In Ground Swimming Pool line offers the widest range of options and possibilities available today. Whatever your vision, from a clean and simple rectangle for a growing family to play in, to a beautifully contoured oasis retreat, we offer shapes and sizes to suit virtually every wish.

For a truly one-of-a-kind creation, we can design, engineer and deliver a customized package just for you. Our expert team can accommodate special requests, allowing you unprecedented flexibility and innovation.